Don’t Get Stranded By Your Party Bus

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Whether it’s a Wedding, Birthday, Prom, or just your average weekend with friends, these are all reasons why people love Party Bus’s; you’re out with your friends, great music and drinks, a chance to really blow off some steam, but when the Party Bus and its company go amiss, you and your crew are practically stranded.

Recently, NBC 5 Investigates dived into the Party Bus industry, to look at one customer’s dissatisfaction with a particular Party Bus company who we’ll leave nameless.

The article sums up the customers night of money debacles, complaints over the driver and the company and lastly finding alternative methods of transportation for the group. It was an unresolved matter for the customer that reached NBC.

There are many stories like this, some unheard, many go unnoticed, but at the BusBank, these stories are vital to what we do everyday. Your event is our main priority and it shouldn’t go wrong.  Our job is to make sure you won’t end up finding other buses for you and crew.

If you want to know learn more about our Party Bus Options or which Bus is best for you, check our Bus Option Page.

You can read the NBC 5 Investigates article here.