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Five reasons to offer Employee Shuttle Service to your staff

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It’s not uncommon to think about how you can improve your commute. You stand face-to-face with a stranger for 30 minutes to an hour everyday. Jammed between someone else’s armpit while another person is shoving a book in your neck. You’re trapped and feel an acute claustrophobia coming on; if this isn’t you it’s surely someone else in the crowd. What about the long stint of traffic you deal with coming and going to work. Roaming your radio frequencies, gently pushing the gas every five-seconds to then abruptly break after. Many people deal with these issues daily when commuting and have to seek out a solution to the problem.

The BusBank can help by offering an employee shuttle, this is a private service contracted by us to shuttle employees from a designated pickup point(s) to and from work. Every year, more and more employers have invested in commuter shuttles across the country and successfully demonstrated increased productivity and a higher sense of wellbeing in the workplace.

Increased productivity

According to Time.com, work commutes of over 10 miles can affect your health dramatically. The average commute is 51 minutes according the US Census Bureau; this lowers enthusiasm and is cited as a health risk. Time Magazine reported your blood sugar and cholesterol rises driving more than 10 miles according to the researchers from University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Long-term shuttle services can reduce stress-related health problems associated with driving. Employee shuttles allow for added down time for employees that ultimately drives productivity, employees now have added time to prepare for the day, check their email or catch up on the news.

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With more employees using shuttle services, you will see better workplace satisfaction as well as an increase in punctuality. Keeping a well-connected sense of teamwork is key and with the ongoing trend of shuttle services, you’ll be known for supporting a better work-life balance.

Cost Savings

According to CNN the average commuters spend over $2,600 a year commuting to work and reported that Los Angeles has the highest daily commute with an average of $16 a day, New York with a whopping $14 a day and Chicago and San Francisco with $11 a day. Bus travel was the second popular mode of transportation at 21%. Employee shuttles offer a less expensive alternative, while offering the ability to expense mileage and providing tax credits for commuter benefit programs.

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Environmentally friendly

With more companies being conscious of its carbon footprint, shuttle services reduce your carbon footprint and encourage employees to take the road less traveled. Riders will be helping the environment and lower their dependence on fossil fuel. Employee shuttles aims to raise awareness and celebrate everyday like it’s Earth Day. This initiative improves our quality of life and commute.

Qualified for tax benefits

Section 132(f) of the Federal Tax code allows tax-free transportation benefits of up to $130 per-month, per-employee for transit or vanpool expenses. This means employees and officers of corporations are eligible for transportation fringe benefits. The Section 132(f) rules allow you to use pre-tax funds to pay for work-related commuters and parking expenses. Remember, the employer sponsors a commuter benefits plan.

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If you’re looking to strengthen your company’s brand identity and your workplace environment, consider the Employee Shuttle Service by the BusBank to show your positive sense of teamwork for your employees.
Be sure to check out our case study on how we manage employee shuttles.

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