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Should I Charter a Limo or Party Bus – Pros and Cons of Both

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When it comes to celebrating special occasions, it’s fun to arrive in style. Traditionally, limousines were everyone’s go-to when it came to choosing transportation for a wedding, prom, stag party, or bachelor/bachelorette parties. However, a plethora of options are now available to ensure that your ride more uniquely fits who you are as an individual, while also meeting the functional needs of your party. Enter the rise of the party bus.

Limos remain the gold standard for establishing a classy feel that can be essential to more formal occasions. However, party buses have their place, especially for occasions where you want a more “living it up in Vegas” vibe or logistically you need more seating.

Though society tends to categorize each form of transportation into a tiny, rigid box, there are people out there breaking the boundaries. For example, a pink limo certainly says, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” while a party bus can be used for children’s birthday events and even as the best way to move a large, classy wedding party from venue to venue.

Limos: Classy is Never Out of Style

Close your eyes and picture a limo—most people will visualize the same standard details. Limos are the quintessential luxury vehicle with deep seats, roomy interiors, privacy, and often fancy booze available to drink.

It’s easy to picture rappers, Hollywood movie stars, and glad-handing politicians stepping out of one of these delegated symbols of money and power. In our cultural heritage, they will always be connected to the rich and famous. Even the first stretch limousines created by Armbruster Coaches in 1928 were used mostly to transport famous musical band leaders, such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman.

Trying to decide between limo or party bus for your next occasion? A look at this type of transportation’s strengths and weaknesses can be helpful in picking the perfect option:

Limo Transportation Pros

• Limos are iconic to a luxurious lifestyle, allowing riders to bask in grandeur while making an impression.
• Limos provide a great amount of privacy with tinted windows.
• Limos are cheaper than a party bus for a small group to hire.
• Limos are small enough to be cozy and intimate for small celebrations.

Limo Transportation Cons

• There’s a limited capacity of about ten passengers in a mid-sized limo.
• Limos can be perceived as overly formal, which may dampen party spirits.
• The formal nature of these vehicles can clash with the more relaxed atmosphere of certain events and weddings.

Party Bus: Put Your Hands In The Air

You might have a destination in mind for where your hired transportation drops you off, but you certainly don’t have to stop anywhere if you don’t want to when renting a party bus. A party bus is capable of functioning as a moving venue, as well as a way to get the party vibes going before eventually arriving.

It’s no surprise these fun-fueled vehicles get their full use by sports fans en route to a game, as well as stag parties, and bachelorette parties. You may also know party buses by their unofficial monikers: limo bus, party van, and luxurious bus. Some of these vehicles have the capacity to carry up to 50 passengers, making them ideal for transporting a large group from one place to another.

High ceilings and the extra room afforded on a party bus make it possible for more activities, including party games and even dancing. Additionally, party buses have developed a reputation for versatility, giving you the opportunity to add customized theme decorations and lighting to establish a fun-filled atmosphere pertinent to wherever you’re heading.

Party buses are tons of fun on paper, but it’s important to know their perks and limitations before deciding on transportation for your next event:

Party Bus Transportation Pros

• Party buses are cheaper for a large group to rent.
• Party buses offer more amenities that can include things like TVs, light shows, private VIP room, laser lights, fog machines, and well-stocked bars.
• There’s more space for people, dancing, and other activities on a party bus.

Party Bus Transportation Cons

• Party buses can clash with the style of elegant or somber events.
• Party buses are larger than limos which may add up to additional cleaning fees.

How Do You Roll: Limo or Party Bus?

One of the easiest ways to decide on whether it may be better to rent a party bus or a limo for your next event is by doing a simple head count. Though there is a crossover in the number of passengers that each can carry (with larger limos making room for up to 20 passengers and smaller party buses being perfect for a party of 10), the number of people needing a ride to the event is going to play a major factor in deciding what’s best for you.

The second step is determining what kind of style and atmosphere you want to create. If it’s a small group, but you want to party hard the whole way to the venue, then a party bus might be ideal. However, if it’s a large group headed to a very formal wedding, showing up in a bus pumping out fog and blasting laser lights is probably not going to be appropriate. However, these details can be manipulated to make bus transportation appropriate for every occasion.

Taking these two major elements into account, it should be fairly easy to determine which vehicle is going to be best for your event. Of course, keep in mind that both limos and party buses can operate outside of these specifications, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

If you’re still unsure how to proceed, get in touch with the transportation experts at BusBank for the perfect match between vehicle and event.

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