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New Jersey may be one of the smallest states, but that doesn’t stop it from being packed with attractions, amenities, and must-see destinations for your trip! Whether you’re looking to stroll down the Atlantic City Boardwalk, take in the dramatic vistas at High Point State Park, or seek endless thrills at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey has something for everyone. New Jersey’s size does mean one big bonus for travelers in the state even when it comes to the most packed itineraries: since New Jersey’s offerings are always within reach it’s possible to see it all! That said, even locals and repeat visitors are continually finding more to discover, and no two trips around New Jersey are the same. Whether you’re looking to ride the waves and soak up the sun during an Ocean City summer trip, or watch the leaves change in autumn at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, New Jersey always has something new for you to discover. 

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Must-See Destinations in New Jersey: How to Maximize Your Charter Bus Trip

New Jersey is truly a dynamic state with sites and destinations that change throughout the landscape and throughout the year. Wherever and whenever you’re looking to travel in New Jersey, BusBank has you covered with a list of the top must-see destinations in the state. From High Point State Park all the way down to Cape May, New Jersey is packed with sites and attractions you won’t want to miss. And with cost-saving customizable charter travel, BusBank is committed to helping you maximize your charter bus trip in more ways than one. 

Atlantic City

The state’s most popular destination is Atlantic City. With countless clubs, casinos, hotels, spas, and restaurants, Atlantic City is packed with amenities. Enjoy a stroll down the Atlantic City Boardwalk filled with unique shops, popular dining experiences, and iconic views, or head to the Absecon Lighthouse to take in sweeping views of the Atlantic. Steel Pier is a great destination with rides for all ages located right off of the boardwalk. While many visitors come here for the vibrant and exciting nightlife, if you want to have fun learning at the Atlantic City Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, or Atlantic City Historical Museum, or get inspired at the Atlantic City Art Center, the Atlantic City Ballet, or the African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey, there’s no shortage of daytime activities to keep you busy.

Ocean City

Ocean City is all about, you guessed it, the ocean! Ocean City’s 8 miles of sunny surf and sand attract thousands of visitors every season. Ocean City boasts its own iconic boardwalk with over three miles of famous hotels, restaurants, and attractions. This easily traversable landmark is a perfect place to rent a bike or take it all in with a stroll. Enjoying your time here isn’t just fun, it’s historic! Trimper’s Rides has hosted fun rides and attractions since 1890, and Thrasher’s French Fries has been serving their famous fries since 1929. Since 1939 Dumser’s Dairyland has been selling their award-winning ice cream, and Dolle’s Candyland has satisfied the sweet tooth of visitors since 1910 with their famous caramel popcorn, fudge, chocolates, mellow mints, and iconic saltwater taffy.

Big City Sights

While the state’s iconic boardwalks and charming historical cities might be the first things that spring to mind when planning your travels through New Jersey, the state’s larger cities are packed with attractions for families, adults, and business travelers alike. Newark, the state’s most populous city, and Jersey City, the state’s fastest-growing city, are also increasingly popular travel destinations. Whether you’re looking to tour the Statue of Liberty, support local artists at the Artist and Maker Market, or take in Jersey City’s culinary offerings like Wurstbar, Maritime Parc, or Battello, Jersey City has something for everyone. Likewise, Newark is packed with museums, parks, theaters, and galleries. Newark Museum is the state’s largest museum and features famous art and natural science exhibits. For food lovers, Newark doesn’t disappoint either: Nasto’s, Manu’s, Nico Kitchen, Vonda’s Kitchen, and more await you in Newark!

Natural Attractions

With how much is on offer in the state’s diverse cities, you wouldn’t expect New Jersey to also be a place with stunning natural attractions, but, from Island Beach to Mount Tammany, New Jersey’s natural attractions are just as diverse and just as inviting as those on offer in the cities. Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, The Frelinghuysen Arboretum, and Ken Lockwood Gorge Wildlife Management area allow you to see nature up close from easily traversable trails and walkways. Buttermilk Falls is the state’s highest waterfall, and there are options to park nearby or to hike the steep trails. For those adventurous hikers, the New Jersey Palisades features dramatic cliff faces rising from the river, Black Run Preserve features sandy trails through dramatic pine forests and wetlands, and High Point Monument Trail takes you to the state’s point of highest elevation – if you don’t mind climbing 220 steep steps!

Fun Facts about New Jersey

  1. The Boardwalk at Atlantic City is the longest boardwalk in the world. 
  2. New Jersey is home to many firsts including the first seaside resort, the first baseball game, the first intercollegiate football game, the first drive-in movie theater, the first brewery, the first light bulb, the first motion picture projector, the first phonograph, and even the first modern submarine ride. 
  3. New Jersey is the most densely populated state – both in terms of people, and in terms of shopping malls, with a single 25-mile area hosting seven major shopping malls!  
  4. The board game Monopoly gets its street names from actual streets in Atlantic City. 
  5. New Jersey has had a lot of names, from New Netherlands to New Sweden, depending on who was trying to settle there. When it finally received the name we know it by today, it was named after Jersey, an island in the English Channel.   

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