Mini Bus Rental: Everything You Need to Know

Planning a group trip? Minibus rental is quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions for mid-sized group travel. While smaller than a typical motor coach, minibuses are efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable options for medium-sized groups. If you’re looking to arrange transportation for a medium-sized group of passengers, a minibus charter is your solution to convenient and comfortable group travel without overpaying on a larger-capacity vehicle. With BusBank’s fleet of vehicles, you can achieve further savings because of our large number of vehicle options, from a standard minibus to a mid-sized coach and everything in between. No matter your group size, travel needs, and amenity preferences, we will work with you to find the perfect vehicle to fit your requirements and your budget!  


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How To Charter a Minibus for Group Travel

Group travel isn’t always easy. Any group coordinator who has dealt with lost luggage, delayed flights, and arranging transportation to and from an airport knows how much of a hassle air travel can be for groups of any size. Car rental and minivan rental can often be just as stressful and expensive if you have to rent multiple cars or pay additional fees for multiple drivers. This is why savvy group coordinators are turning to minibus rental, to reduce costs and stress! With fully licensed and insured professional drivers, minibus travel means you don’t have to worry about anything from pick-up to drop-off, and our expert account executives will work with you to find the perfect options for your group. Translation: once you begin booking with BusBank coordinating group travel becomes a hassle-free experience.

Where to Begin When Chartering a Minibus

The first thing you want to do when looking to arrange minibus transportation for your group is to get a solid headcount, decide which amenities are important to you, and come up with a rough idea of how far you need to travel. These factors will help you determine which vehicle you require. An overnight road trip with lots of passengers will naturally require a different vehicle than a shorter trip for a smaller group. From here you can get a rough estimate of your rental costs down below based on the type of vehicle you require. To get a more specific figure, and to help hone in on the perfect packages and options for your group, talk to one of our experts for a free quote. Our experts will go over the various features and amenities available at the various vehicle levels and find the vehicle that most suits your needs and your budget. You will also be walked through the entire booking process, which we make sure is simple and stress-free.

Mini Bus Types

Standard Minibus

The standard 15 passenger minibus is a clean, comfortable, and efficient option. With a rough price range of about $450-$835 for 4-6 hours, and more space than a typical passenger van, these vehicles are one of the most affordable options for group transportation. This standard truck-nose vehicle comes with several rows of comfortable seats, great air conditioning, wifi, plenty of storage space, and more! Perfect for corporate events, field trips, and short-distance outings, medium groups, small groups, and shuttle services.



white mini bus


Luxury Minibus

Our luxury minibus is popular for bridal parties, corporate VIPs, sports teams, or any group that wants to ride in total comfort and arrive energized and ready to go. With features like plush leather seats, restrooms, power outlets, TVs, DVD players, reclining seats, state-of-the-art PA systems, and more, it’s no surprise that our luxury minibuses are booked fast! Luxury minibuses can typically be chartered for around $550-$1,000 for a 4-6 hour charter. Perfect for wedding guests, corporate VIPs, black tie events, and more!



luxury mini bus sm


Mid-Size Coach Bus

Perfect for large groups, our mid-size coach bus offers many of the advantages of the minibus and a motorcoach all in one. Those looking for a 25 passenger minibus, or a 20 passenger minibus should consider a mid-size coach charter bus. Priced in the extremely cost-effective range of about $475-$900 for 4-6 hours, these vehicles offer many of the amenity options of deluxe motor coaches like comfortable seating, PA systems, TVs, DVD players, WiFi, power outlets, and restrooms in select markets. Mid-size coach buses are the perfect solution for long-distance charter bus rental or groups that require additional seating capacity. Available amenity options include comfortable seating, TVs, DVD players, sound systems, extra legroom, plenty of luggage space, restrooms, and more!



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Who Rents a Minibus?

The short answer? Any medium-sized group that requires mid-length transportation. The really short answer? Anyone! From sports teams, to bridal parties, to corporate shuttles, and more, minibuses are some of the most popular charter transportation options available. Whether you just need to get your employees from the airport to the convention center, get your team to the next town for a sporting event, or simply get the bride and her bridesmaids to the wedding venue, minibus charter is your solution to comfortable, hassle-free transportation.

Do I Have To Pay The Driver

When you charter a vehicle, the driver is included, but that begs the question: do I have to pay the driver? With BusBank you don’t have to worry about paying an additional hourly rate for your driver. That cost is included within the cost of your charter package. While it is common and appreciated to tip the driver, you don’t have to worry about paying the driver yourself. For long-distance trips, you may need to provide a hotel room for the driver, however, many hotels will often include a complimentary room for the driver’s hotel stay for large groups. Additionally, BusBank can often help you secure a great rate on your group’s hotel stay. Other minor fees you may want to consider when planning your budget include parking permits, parking fees, and tolls.

Estimating Your Costs

With these options, you should be able to get a rough idea of which vehicle will work for your budget. Charter bus rental costs do vary based on peak seasons, location, and vehicle specifications, so don’t forget to contact us to talk through your exact seating capacity and feature needs and the vehicles that are available in your local market, and to get a free rental quote.

What is the Booking Process Like?

Our account executives will make the entire process stress-free and help you find a type of bus that meets your capacity needs and includes any amenities you require. We will provide you with a free quote to help you make the best decision for your needs and your budget! Once you have your quote, you can reserve your vehicle with a deposit. The sooner you book, the lower your deposit fee. Deposits are fully refundable up to 31 days prior to the departure date. If plans change, we’re here to work with you to accommodate those changes if enough notice is given. Ask your reservation specialist about quantity discounts and long-term contracts and other rental deals.