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Emergency Evacuation – Disaster Relief Transportation Plans

Sign directing people towards the area hurricane evacuation route BusBank is proud to be a trusted provider of emergency, disaster and evacuation transportation services across the United States. From mass scale emergency evacuation to time-definite disaster relief transport, our team is available in the event of a disaster or emergency to transport people out of harm’s way — national emergencies including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and more. From internal strategy and operations to planning execution scenarios, our extensive network of operators consists of seasoned, knowledgeable drivers, staff and disaster relief transportation specialists who are trained to assist in the relocation of thousands of people in their greatest time of need. At BusBank, disaster relief transport is one of our highest priorities – our Disaster Relief team is extremely well-versed in the development and execution of mass scale emergency evacuation plans.

Emergency Evacuation – Disaster Relief & Recovery Experts

When disaster strikes, seconds count. Don’t wait for help to come to you. Call BusBank now at (866) 428-7226. Contact Us

Unparalleled Reputation for Reliability, Safety, and Efficiency

One of the most frequent calls we receive is when a charter service cancels or does not show up when needed for an evacuation. We are committed to providing safe, dependable, and reliable passenger transportation that’s consistent and timely. We know the importance of improving our services and increasing the number of vehicles available for our customers. This not only creates the best value for our customers but also ensures our charter buses are ready when you need them. Our expertise in this facet of our industry, competitive rates, and excellent customer service is what keep our customers calm in any emergency knowing we will be ready to help.
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Time-Definite Disaster Relief Logistics and Transportation Solutions

With the nation’s largest selection of charter buses and vehicles, BusBank can respond with the right bus whenever and wherever you need us.

Emergency Evacuation – Disaster Relief and Recovery Vehicles

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Motorcoach A motorcoach bus is the most popular choice for emergency evacuation situations. Comfortably and safely transport groups of up to 56 individuals at a time. Planning the vehicle type is key for quick response and evacuation including the need for passengers requiring an ADA vehicle. When developing your vehicle plan, we will ensure we include this vehicle type for your needs. 

Disaster Relief Transport FAQ

At BusBank, we’re dedicated to ensuring your Emergency Evacuation – Disaster Relief Transportation is safe, seamless, and dependable. We’re here to answer all of your questions and make sure that you are 100% comfortable with your bus charter.

How Do I Charter a Bus for Disaster Relief Transport?

Contact our Emergency Transportation Specialists at 866-428-7226. We’ll discuss your needs for evacuation provide you with an accurate quote for an annual contract. Then we’ll walk you through the rest of the easy step-by-step process. After that, we’ll monitor your reservation from start to finish to ensure you are entirely satisfied with every part of your bus charter.

Are You Able To Get Buses That Have Handicap Accessibility?

Yes. We have access to buses with ADA accessibility available. Please request that option of your Account Executive at the time of booking.

What Impacts Charter Bus Pricing?

The cost of your charter is also affected by the length of your charter, the type of bus you need to accommodate all passengers and the time of year in which you need the service. The availability of charter vehicles and buses for emergency evacuation – disaster relief is dependent on many factors, including the time of year and the nature of the disaster.

How Do Charter Buses Work with FEMA During Natural Disasters?

Charter buses work with FEMA before, during, and after a natural disaster strikes to prevent injury and help save lives. The Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2007 authorized the use of federal funds to develop catastrophic mass evacuation plans. State authorities can coordinate with other nearby state authorities along with federal and local governments to determine destinations for evacuees. They also coordinate the flow of transportation assets companies in the private sector, like BusBank, to assist in the implementation of mass evacuations and save people from catastrophes, whether they be natural or manmade.

BusBank Emergency Evacuation – Disaster Relief Transportation: There When You Need Us

Understandably, Americans are primarily concerned with escaping the initial disaster, which often involves making decisions that impact whether people live or die. Making the right decision weighs heavily on everyone’s minds. That’s why, when disaster strikes, it’s best to have an evacuation plan. You need a company that can execute that plan and knows the best way to remove the largest amount of people from affected areas in the safest most efficient way possible. We have extensive experience in operating in these conditions. When the situation is at its most dire, lives are at stake and you need a company that is reliable and has the expertise to get your group out safe. Visit BusBank today and speak with one of our Emergency Specialists to develop your evacuation plan. We’ll walk you through our easy step-by-step process and, should disaster strike, we will take action to ensure your group gets out safe. Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Contact BusBank today!