Disaster Relief Transport

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Since the beginning, BusBank has made disaster relief transport one of our highest priorities and because of this our Disaster Relief team is extremely well-versed in the development and execution of mass scale emergency evacuation plans.

Being knowledgeable in this segment paired with our extensive network of operators has been imperative for the relocation of the thousands of people we have helped in their time of need.

Disaster Relief Transport & Emergency Evacuation Plans

Internal Planning & Operations
  • Identify & provide detailed availability dates & reserve inventory
  • Create a flexible program calendar
  • Identify points of contact & determine potential pick-up locations
Plan Execution Scenarios
  • Strategize for evacuation events
  • Off in-depth descriptions of activities
Service Expectations
  • Provide estimated response times for order to dispatch and pick up & drop off
Financial Terms & Agreement
  • Deliver description of services
  • Program costs
  • Contracting & implementation
To learn more about how The BusBank can help arrange disaster relief transport and emergency evacuation, please contact an associate today. We would be happy to answer any and all of your questions!

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