Dallas, TX

Things to do in Dallas, TX

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Maybe you’re headed to Dallas for this weekend’s big Superbowl XLV game. Or, maybe you’re just pondering whether a road trip to Texas is really worth all the fuss. Let us help you out. As you make your pro-con list (or as you seek solace after Sunday’s match) check out these top attractions for Texas’s second-largest city:

  • Bike the Katie Trail. It’s paved, 12 feet wide, and connects with several local parks and plazas. Bike rental is free on Thursdays after 7pm!
  • Listen to some blues and jazz. Wanna hear some good music? Go to The Goat Bar on Mondays and the Amsterdam Bar on Tuesdays. Head to Brooklyn’s any night.
  • Go to the Sixth Floor Museum. It chronicles the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The museum presents plenty of hard facts, but also gives the inside scoop on loads of conspiracy theories.
  • Check out the view from Reunion Tower. It’s 560 feet off the ground and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Plus there’s a restaurant at the top (The Five-Sixty) that boasts cuisine designed by Wolfgang Puck.
  • Head to The Arboretum and Botanical Garden. There’s 66 acres of lush gardens, flowers, and a special collection of Chinese azaleas.
  • Stay up late at the Dallas Museum of Art. Every third Friday of the month the DMA stays open late. There’s performances, film screenings, readings, and concerts.
  • Watch a Burlesque Show. The Lakewood Theater has been in operation since 1938 (with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland as a featured act). Check out the theater’s website to see who’s currently strutting on the stage.
  • Visit a local watering hole. Check out Spike if you want everything skewered (the tapas dishes, that is). Head to Eight Lounge if you’re looking for something upscale and extravagant.

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