The BusBank

The BusBank is a comprehensive group and event transportation management company based in Chicago. We are the industry pioneer and leader in providing single source for chartering a bus at anytime and anywhere in North America. The BusBank is proud to offer numerous options that are perfect for day long or overnight destinations. The BusBank is an entity of the Lancer Insurance Group, which is the largest provider of motor coach insurance in North America. The relationship that we have the Lancer Insurance Group provides us with safety trends and driving performance unavailable to our competitors.

Safety and Quality Assurance

We have the largest network in independent operators across North America, The BusBank works with charter bus operators everyday so we have an in depth knowledge of how the industry works. We work with operators prioritizing Lancer Policy holders first. Lancer Insurance is considered to be one of the most prestigious insurance providers in the industry with a focus of writing policies for the safest and most reliable operating companies in ground transportation. Last year, The BusBank booked and managed over 8,000 independent charters throughout all 50 states, all while maintaining an A+ Rating with The Better Business Bureau.

Competitive Pricing

Our extensive operator network allows The BusBank to offer competitive pricing across the nation; no matter the market we offer economical pricing while providing safe and reliable travel. We have established the highly developed business relationships required to deliver superior customer experience, regardless of the size or complexity of the event. The relationship we have with the Lancer Insurance Ground and our Lancer Insured operators lets us to extend discounted pricing to all of our customers.

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