Games to Play on a Road Trip

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Traveling with kids is no picnic. They get bored, hungry, have to go potty, and overuse the phrase “Are we there yet?” until you feel like your head’s gonna explode. And even if you aren’t traveling with kids, chances are you’re still gonna have bouts of boredom, hunger, the need for bathroom breaks, and general questionings of whether the destination is at hand.

Well, the bad news is we haven’t figured out how to make travel instantaneous. But the good news is that we have figured out some ways to make those hours on the road fly by. So before you leave on your next road trip be sure to pack this handy list of travel games (good for both the young and young at heart):

* The Geography Game. One person states the name of a country, city, or state (such as “Paris”). The next person must think of a place name which starts with the letter that the previous place name ended with (such as “Syria”). Keep playing until you can no longer think of any more geographical locations!

* Scavenger Hunt Bingo. Decide ahead of time which items to include on your scavenger hunt list or Bingo card. Think of things that you will see along the road (cows, graveyards, Volkswagen Beetles, North Dakota license plates, etc…). See who can spot all the items first!

* 20 Questions. You don’t need the electronic game to play this one! Have one person think of something (anything, really). The second person has 20 questions to figure out what the first person is thinking of. (Tip: it’s best to start out by asking the most general questions, such as “Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?” and work towards more specific questions.)

* Who Am I?. Have one person think of a famous person or celebrity. Everyone else asks “yes” or “no” questions in an effort to learn who the famous person is.

* Shared Storytelling. One person starts out by stating the introductory line of a story (“Once upon a time there was a princess who liked to pick wildflowers…”). Then, the next person invents the next line of the story. Continue taking turns for as long as you like! Or set a time limit. This game can also be played in teams. Vote to decide which story is best!

* Name That Tune. Take turns humming or whistling different songs. Everyone else tries to guess what the song is. (Tip: If you have enough people then play this game in teams and set a time limit. Like charades, the opposing team tries to guess the humming team’s song. Points are awarded if the song is guessed in time. )

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