Fuel Surcharges Sweeping Industry

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Fuel surcharges are rising and consequently, so are airline prices. While the occasional traveler may not mind dishing out extra dough for a flight, the frequent commuter will have to drastically adjust his or her budget to accommodate for pricey flight tickets. Check out these facts about the fuel surcharges that are sweeping the industry:

  • Fuel surcharges are an extra charge added to the ticket price of airline flights. The fuel surcharge is added to cover the cost of fuel rates.
  • Fuel surcharges are inconsistent to say the least. They come and go depending on gasoline rates. This makes it challenging for travelers to plan a consistent travel budget.
  • Fuel surcharges blindside travelers and consumers since the additional charge is rarely quoted in the original travel fare price.
  • Because the fuel surcharge rate is not quoted in the original price and is dependent upon changing fuel rates, the final flight price is up to the airline. Airlines often increase their own revenue by upping fuel surcharge rates to unfair prices.
  • Federal prosecutors have targeted 21 airlines for increasing ticket prices unfairly by upping fuel surcharge rates.
  • Travelers utilizing frequent flier miles are still regularly charged an additional fuel surcharge price.
  • There is no discounted fuel surcharge rate for children traveling. This means exorbitant prices for families traveling by air.
  • Gas prices are expected to rise to at least $4.00 per gallon during 2011. This means that even with fair fuel surcharge rates, airline tickets will increase in price.

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