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Employee Shuttles Are Simple With BusBank

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Today, more companies than ever are offering employee shuttles to the workplace as an added perk while going green. Over the last couple of years at The BusBank we have seen a noticeable rise in bookings for employee shuttles.

We get many different answers from clients as to why they would like to start offering an employee shuttle, commonly we get the following answers:

1)      They are seeing increased productivity from employees who have the opportunity to get work completed while relaxing on the employee shuttle buses.

2)      Improved overall wellness from removing the stress of commuting to and from work, people seem to be much happier and tend to demonstrate higher workplace satisfaction than before the shuttle was in place.

3)      Offer the ability to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. By offering employee shuttle services, many gallons of gas will be saved.

Companies who pursue the use of employee shuttles often utilize them for a vast number of reasons but we often get requests for corporate use. However, it is not uncommon to see employee shuttles used for any of the following:

1)      Office relocation, when a temporary new office is needed or a parking lot is not accessible.

2)      Dual campuses, when employees must move between buildings that are not close enough together to walk to/from.

3)      Large construction projects, where often no on-site parking is not available for workers.

If you are considering the use of employee shuttles please contact The BusBank today to learn more about why we are considered one of the best services in the industry!

Image credit: GooSmurf