Destination Disney World

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Think of a vacation destination within the United States that appeals to both 3-year-olds and 73-year-olds. Think of a spot that boasts over 17 million visitors (from toddlers to retirees) each year. Think of a place that has become a ritualistic pilgrimage for any and all fans of American cinema magic.

If the Walt Disney World Resort did not cross your mind then it’s time to come out from under that rock you’ve been living under.

As one of the premier travel destinations within the United States, Disney World appeals to a broad spectrum of ages and interests. Chances are, you’ve been there (and if you haven’t we feel sorry for you). Whether it’s a first time jaunt or a repeat trip, Disney World is worth every minute. And if you need some inspiration for making your trip extra magical then check out these destination Disney World tips:

  • * Buy tickets ahead of time. Some attractions (such as lunch with Cinderella) sell out months in advance. Check online to see which ticket package best meets your group’s needs and plan a head (90 days in advance minimum).
  • * Check for special yearly attractions. Disney World regularly hosts festivals, live entertainment, parades, and fireworks shows. Time your trip to coincide with a special Disney World event and you’ll experience more than the standard fanfare.
  • * Decide which accommodations are best. Disney World has 25 resort hotels and offers package deals (amusement parks plus hotel rooms and shuttle transportation). You may find a cheaper rate at a non-Disney World resort, but you will have to factor in the cost of a rental car and parking fees.
  • * Visit the parks early in the day. Beat the crowds and then take a break in the afternoon. Several Disney World parks have evening and night-time attractions.
  • * Contact the BusBank. It’s the most professional and cost-efficient group transportation option for your trip to Disney World. Ask an account representative how Charter Bus Rentals can enhance your Disney World trip.

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