Canadian Tulip Festival

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Canada Tulip

If you’ve never ever heard of the Canadian Tulip Festival we can forgive you. If you’ve heard of it and still find excuses for missing this breathtaking event… well, that’s another story. This year, don’t let the spring slip by without checking out Canada’s renowned flower fest! And while you’re planning your trip, check out these reasons why the Canadian Tulip Festival is just so fabulous (as if you really needed more motivation for going! Come on!).

  • * It’s the largest tulip festival in the world.
  • * The tulip symbolizes Canada’s role as a safe harbor for the Dutch people during World War II.
  • * In 1945 Princess Juliana gifted Ottawa with 100,000 tulip bulbs as a thanks for hosting Holland’s exiled royal family. These gifted bulbs led to what is now the Canadian Tulip Festival.
  • * In 2002 the Canadian Tulip Festival celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. Over 3 million tulips were showcased.
  • * The Canadian Tulip Festival is considered one of the top 100 events in North America for group travel in 2011.
  • * The Canadian Tulip Festival is listed as one of the top 10 Canadian events of the year.
  • * The theme for the 2011 Canadian Tulip Festival is “kaleidoscope”.
  • * The 2011 festival runs for 18 days, starting May 6th and ending on May 23rd.
  • * Over 50 varieties of tulip will be showcased at 2011’s festival. Visitors can see a total of 1 million tulips throughout the festival. The highest concentration (300,000) will be in Commissioner’s Park.

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