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Can You Drink on a Charter Bus Rental?

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No one likes to have to put their drink down just because they have to get on a charter bus. Luckily, BusBank is here to tell you that you don’t have to.

The short answer to “can you drink on a charter bus rental” is yes, but only if you live in the United States. Sorry, Canada. It’s true. You can drink on a charter bus in the United States. Before you try and turn a deluxe motor coach into a house party on wheels, there are a few common questions we want to answer.

Does Everyone Have To Be 21?

No. Minors can accompany adults on a charter bus catering to passengers consuming alcohol. However, it is not uncommon for municipalities to have their own laws regarding the consumption of alcohol on a charter bus in the presence of minors.   

It is always a good idea to ensure that all legal age adults who plan on consuming alcohol have identification and proof of their age.

Furthermore, some states, like California, require minors to be chaperoned when traveling on a charter bus with adults consuming alcohol.

Lastly, anyone under the legal age for alcohol consumption is prohibited from drinking and this will be strongly enforced.

Are The Laws The Same on Every State?

No. Alcohol and charter bus laws vary from state to state. Though there are no federal laws prohibiting the consumption of alcohol onboard a private charter bus, it’s not uncommon for local municipalities to have their own laws on whether one can drink on a charter bus. It is always a good idea to confirm with your assigned BusBunk account representative about any state and local alcohol laws in effect along your journey. We will map out your trip for you and let you know if there are any discrepancies among the states you’ll be traveling to.

Is it Just Beer and Wine, or Can We Bring Liquor Too?

You can bring whatever beverages you like, including beer, wine, liquor, etc, so long as it is also approved by the charter bus operator. Some charter bus operators may require a deposit for any potential damages be paid prior to a journey that includes alcohol.

Other charter bus operators may instead choose to charge a cleanup or hazmat fee should any messes occur. In this regard, it’s important to remember that a charter bus is still a moving vehicle. Plastic cups and bottles are the preferred alcohol delivery system for most charter bus operators. Drinks that need to be mixed are generally strongly discouraged and glass bottles are prohibited at all times.

Be sure to ask for an approved list of alcoholic beverages when you contact your BusBank account representative.

Is Smoking or Vaping Allowed?

The answer to this question is a solid “maybe”. It depends on the state being transited and the charter bus operators rules regarding vaping. However, smoking of cigarettes, pipe tobacco or any other substance is not permitted on BusBank charter rentals at any time.

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