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Charter Bus Prices and Charter Bus Information

Renting a Bus? Need Help with Bus Cost?  This page is going to be a great starting place for you to get basic bus information and bus pricing costs.

Charter bus rental pricing depends on many factors. Some of the key factors that affect charter bus pricing include seasonality, total distance of your charter, and type of equipment required. We strive to maintain a balance between high quality customer service, and equipment while proving the most competitive bus charter pricing available.  

Below is a simple charter with basic information about each charter bus type along with an average charter bus pricing for each bus type. 

If you have specific bus charter pricing questions,please do not hesistate to contact us at (866)428-7226 or E-mail Us

Charter Bus Pricing Chart

(Click on the bus images for more information about each type)
It is important to note that the pricing is not exact and is made available to give you an idea of typical bus prices. 
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Max Seating Capacity
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Goes Long Distance
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Average Cost


Schoolbus 44 adults / 66 Children not available not available $350 - $575
(half day)

$500 - $800
(full day 10-12 Hrs)


Trolley 28 not available not available $500 - $1000
(half day)

$1000 - $2000
(full day 10-12 Hrs)


The Mini Bus and Deluxe Motorcoach are two of our most common charter bus types.

The mini coach is great for small groups doing local work and even shuttles while the deluxe motorcoach is great for all types of needs.

Mini Bus 16 - 36 not available Rarely $450 - $675
(half day)

$600 - $975
(full day 10-12 Hrs)
Deluxe Motor Coach 40 - 57 available available $595 - $850
(half day)

$875 - $1295
(full day 10-12 Hrs)


Our Luxury buses are great options when you are looking to make a splash.Special Occasions such as weddings, bachelor & Bachelorette parties, customer visits are great fits for these types.

Party Bus 12-32 not available Rarely $175/hr
(4 hour min.)
Executive Coach 28 available available $1000 - $2500
Entertainer Sleeper 12 available available $1000 - $3000
*This pricing is to give a range of typical costs. Pricing for your charter may vary.

Deluxe Motor coach Charters and Motorcoach Rentals

Deluxe motor coaches are the most popular option and are ideal for local group charters, large group shuttles and over-the-road tours.Traveling by deluxe motor coach is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation.  It also allows a group to travel together and for local service use upon arrival at destination. 

Deluxe Motorcoach Rentals Feature:

  • Seating varies typically 47-57 passengers
  • High Back Reclining Seats
  • Leather Seats (available in some markets)
  • Spacious Restrooms
  • Equipped with TV/DVD
  • PA systems
  • Direct TV and WI-FI (In Select Market at Additional Cost)

Average Pricing for a Deluxe Motorcoach ( Varies by Metro and Day)

$595-850 for 4-6 hour min.
$875-1295 for 10-12 hours

Some of the top manufacturers of deluxe motor coaches are Prevost Car, Motor Coach Industries and VanHool. These manufactures each have a bit different look and style and all make quality motorcoaches that you see on the roads.

We want to make renting coach charter buses easy for you! If a deluxe motorcoach isn't the fit for you,we have a couple of other options that you can check out for other large groups a school bus might be a more economical price option for you. Additionally, smaller groups can try a mid size coach or a mini bus both of which would keep the pricing down. 

If you are looking for something more fancy and also have a smaller group options such as a executive motorcoach, entertainer coach, trolley or a party bus could be a better fit as well. 

Our account executive team is ready to assist you and has a wide array of experience helping people get the right charter bus for their group. 


Executive Coach Rentals and Executive Coach Charters

Executive motorcoaches offer a higher level of comfort and luxury and are great for special business and social occasions. An executive motorcoach is ideal for groups of 5 to 20 traveling 300 to 400 miles. It is also a good option for local outings, such as corporate meetings or transporting wedding parties, when you want a more intimate setting for your group. If you book an executive motorcoach rental for a large event a bus wrap might make the perfect impression on potential clients.

Each executive motorcoach is custom made, so options vary, but you can expect social and meeting space (including a front and rear lounge), an entertainment center (including a flat screen TV and surround sound), state-of-the-art telecommunications, a kitchenette and lavatory.

Features on an Executive Motorcoach rental:

  • Seating for up to 22 passengers
  • Custom interiors
  • Kitchenettes (select markets)
  • Spacious Restrooms
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Direct TV and WIFI

Average pricing on an Executive Motorcoach

$1,000-$2500 Call for specifics as Executive Coaches are custom made with different features. 

Executive motor coaches are nice but sometimes you need something to move more people if that's the case, you should check out a deluxe motorcoach or a midsize coach as other options.


Entertainer Coach Rental and Entertainer Coach Bus charters

An Entertainer coach or Sleeper Coach is ideal when you’re touring over-the-road and overnight. These typically have bunks to sleep 10-12 passengers so your group will arrive at your next stop refreshed and ready to go. Typically you will see many of your favorite rock stars traveling across the country in these "sleeper coaches"

While on-board an entertainer coach you have all the amenities of home with a kitchen, shower ,living room area and entertainment galore.
Each entertainer coach or sleeper motorcoach is custom made and we are consistenly seeing newly decked out coaches, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information, photos or pricing.

Average Pricing for an Entertainer motorcoach rental


The BusBank has provided entertainer coaches for some of the biggest names in music including Jessica Simpson, Brittany Spears, Al Green, and many more.

Mini Bus Charters and Mini bus rentals

Whether you call it a Mini Buses, Mini coach, Shuttle Bus, or just a small bus rental they are perfect for smaller group outings such as sporting events and weddings.Useful as bus rental shuttle (shuttling) groups or employees between hotels, airports, work sites, and fairgrounds. 

Corporations and many groups rent shuttle bus as cost efficient way to move large groups over short distances. A bus rental shuttle can make it easier than fully relocating offices during office parking lot construction as well.

Minibus rentals have individual seating and are used for shorts trips within 150 miles radius. A Mini bus has an interior similar to a deluxe motor coach only without a lavatory. 

Features on a Mini bus coach for hire:

  • Seats between 22-28 passengers
  • High Back Reclining seats
  • PA System
  • AM/FM radio
  • CD and IPod dock (select markets)
  • TV/DVD (select markets)

(Avg. Pricing to rent mini bus varies by metro)

$450-$675 4-6 hours (min)
$600-$975 10-12 hours

Favorite times to rent a shuttle include : airport transfers, property tours,Wedding buses, Bar Crawls.

We want to make renting mini buses easy for your to do and understand that you have lots of options when choosing shuttle bus companies. If you would like to get a quote on renting mini bus, please click the book button to the right.

Mid-Size Coach Bus Charters and Mid Size Coach Rentals

Mid-Size coaches offer many of the features of the deluxe motor coach but with reduce seating capacity. Mid-sized coaches are great for weddings, inter-city tours, and group shuttles.

In some metros,  these coaches could also be utilized for regional trips over 150 mile radius making them available for overnight charters and even some sports team travel uses.

Mid Size Coach Bus Features:

  • Seats between 29-37 passengers
  • High Back Reclining seats
  • PA System
  • AM/FM stereos
  • Luggage Storage Space
  • Climate controlled
  • Handicap accessible 
  • TV/DVD
  • Restroom (Select Markets)

Average Pricing on a Mid Size Coach

$475-$700 4-6 hours (min.)
$650-$1000 10-12 hours

Mid Size coaches can be great for the groups that are too small for a deluxe motorcoach or a school bus but just larger than a mini coach.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us today about a Mid Size Coach or charter bus prices for your trip


Party Bus Rentals and Party Bus Charters

Upscale party buses are perfect to take you to your destination in safety and style! We are happy to provide party bus service for every occasion including: Birthdays, Weddings, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Pub Crawls, Club Hopping, and Corporate Outings.  We provide a safe ride so that you can enjoy the party in style.  We

Party Bus Rental Features:

  • Varying seating capacity from 12 to over 30 passengers!
  • Climate Controlled
  • Leather Wrap seating
  • Entertainment System,
  • IPod docking station
  • Ice and Champagne Coolers
  • Fiber  Optic Lighting
  • Restrooms ( Select Markets)

Below is the Average Nationwide Pricing for a Party Bus Rental

$700-$1050 4-6 hours (min.)

Other options that might save you a bit of money and fit your group would be a school bus, mini bus or a mid size coach and you can still PARTY!

Give us a call when you need a safe ride for the evening our Party Bus service is the perfect fit.


Trolleys can add a festive air to any outing. Trolley rentals aren't just a way to get to and from your event they are also great option for sightseeing. These types of buses generally do not offer lavatories. 

Some of the amenities on a trolley bus are:

  • Seat up to 36 passengers, Variety of sizes and configurations
  •  AM/FM/CD Player (many have ipod docks)
  • Open Air Seating
  • Air Conditioning available on some

Trolley's are  a piece of specialty equipment and pricing varies greatly on them from place to place but typically trolley's are more expensive then other more common options such as a deluxe motorcoach, mini coach or a school bus

While, we love trolley's and would love to offer them to you anywhere in the country. Not every city and town that we service has these available. Therefore, you are best to contact an account executive or fill out a get a quote form.  

School Bus Charters and School Bus Rentals

School Buses are an economical alternative when luxury isn’t needed. In many cases, school bus rentals make more sense for large groups on short distances. Typically, these are reserved for local service traveling within a 150 mile radius. School bus rentals generally do not have restrooms, air conditioning or much luggage capacity, so weather conditions and trip length are important considerations.  

Don't hesitate to rent school bus when you are needing something and tight on a budget but still need to have group transportation.

A School bus charter Features:

  • Seat up to 44 adults or 65 children
  • PA System
  • Heat
  • Radio
  • A/C (Available in Select Markets at Premium Pricing)

Average Pricing for a School bus Rental (Varies by City and Day)

$350 - $575 for 4-6 hours
$625- $925 for up to 12 hours

When you need a cheaper option for a short trip or outing it might be best to rent a school bus

However, if  looking for something a bit smaller or with a few more amenities, a mini bus, mid size coach or even a party bus might be a better option for your group. Groups looking to retain the group size and want a bit of an upgrade should look to a deluxe motorcoach 

At The BusBank, we want to make chartering a bus easy for you.

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