Chicago might be known as “The Windy City,” but it is also a cultural center for the mid-west. It is home to the infamous deep-dish pizza, Sears Tower (also known as the Willis Tower), Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, and The BusBank headquarters. What can we say, we have a soft spot for Chicago and a passion for sharing this fantastic city with local residents and out of town visitors.

The BusBank’s Top Reasons to Visit Chicago

Did you know that The BusBank is responsible for handling thousands of trips to, from, and around Chicago? From airport shuttles to city tours, we are standing by to provide bus transportation solutions for the 2.7 million (and counting) Chicago residents and the close to 40 million annual city visitors. Whether you are new to the city or simply want to plan a fun excursion for families and friends, here are our top three reasons to visit Chicago.

  • The Weather: Now we know what you are thinking, “Chicago is named The Windy City, who could possibly love the weather?” Well, truth be told we have warm summers, snowy winters, and a brisk fall that is simply perfect for visits to the city’s parks, museums, outdoor exhibits, or sporting events. If you want to experience the four seasons like never before, then Chicago is the place to go.
  • Best Sports City: In 2006 and 2010 Chicago was named the best sports city. The city offers sporting events for just about any sports enthusiast. In fact, Chicago is home to: two Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams, one National Football League (NFL) team, one National Basketball Association (NBA) team, and a five-time Stanley Cup winning National Hockey League (NHL) team. Local and college sports also abound in Chicago and the surrounding areas.
  • The People: It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway, you will meet some of the nicest people in Chicago. As part of the Midwest, the general Chicago population embodies a welcoming spirit that makes visitors feel right at home.

The BusBank Chicago Services and Top Touring Destinations

A trip to Chicago offers visitors the chance to experience stunning skyscrapers, a beautiful lakefront, delectable dining options, and world-class shopping, entertainment, and accommodations. The BusBank Chicago account executives are standing-by to help you make your trip as enjoyable and memory-filled as possible. We offer a variety of charter bus solutions that can be customized to your specific needs. As you begin to plan your next tour of Chicago, we invite you to become inspired by the following top destinations. Whether you are planning a corporate retreat, a school field trip, or simply want to have a guide show you all that the city has to offer, The BusBank is ready to exceed all of your bus transportation expectations.

  • Sears Tower (Willis Tower): This breathtaking skyscraper features picturesque views of Chicago, the lake, and the surrounding suburbs. The best views occur on clear nights, when the city’s skyline is lit up like a million fireflies.
  • The Magnificent Mile: This mile-long stretch of Michigan Avenue is a shopper’s heaven. Practically every popular brand and store known to man can be found on the Magnificent Mile.
  • Lincoln Park Zoo and Shedd Aquarium: The Lincoln Park Zoo is free of charge and open 365 days a year. It is the perfect destination for both the young and old, as well as school trips or a corporate family-friendly event. The Shedd Aquarium is the world’s largest indoor aquarium. Be prepared to take a camera, so that you can capture stunning photographs of over 8,000 different aquatic animal species.
  • Chicago Museums: Chicago offers some of the best museums in the world. They are stunning both for the vast amount of knowledge that is stored behind their walls, as well as the amazing architecture that adorns their outer walls. A few of the top museums include: Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Adler Planetarium.

Travel Groups that Can Benefit from The BusBank Chicago Charter Bus Service(s)

The BusBank’s Chicago charter bus account executives are standing by to help you plan your next tour of this great city.

  • Corporate Transportation: Renting a tour bus is the perfect way to start your corporate event off right. We offer worry-free, enjoyable, and on-time travel accommodations for multi-destination outings, daily employee shuttle services, and hotel, airport, or event transportation.
  • Sports Team Travel: BusBank offers private, luxury busses that are perfect for transporting a professional sports team and all of their gear. We have worked with the: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NPSL, NCAA, and various local leagues across North America. We have also worked with a number of local Chicago sports teams. The next time that your team needs to travel to Chicago, be sure to keep our secure, tinted windows, locked storage units, and catered bus transportation services in mind.
  • Educational Travel and Field Trips: We offer a convenient, reliable, and comfortable travel bus for school trips to any Chicago destination. Forgo the hassle of trying to keep track of students as they attempt to transition from one Chicago metra line to another. Bus transportation offers students a chance to see new parts of Chicago, and gives the chaperones a chance to impart new knowledge on their students.
  • Weddings and Family Outings: Each month we exceed the expectations of hundreds of families. The BusBank is readily equipped to help you and your bridal party travel throughout the city for the perfect wedding-day photo opportunities. No one wants to miss the “I do’s,” and so we do everything in our power to make sure that each family member has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Chicago has many group attractions and events that are very popular with charter bus groups and group travel.
We are trying to get many of these added to our group and event transportation blog for you to read about and get travel ideas. Below are some articles about things to do and places to go while visiting Chicago.

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Additionally, we offer are full service of services for all group types so whether you are a tour operator looking to bring your tour to Chicago, a school teacher looking to do a field trip, or a business planning a meeting in Chicago, we can assist you.