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Charter Bus Prices and Charter Bus Information

Renting a Bus? Need Help with Bus Cost?  This page is going to be a great starting place for you to get basic bus information and bus pricing costs.

Charter bus rental pricing depends on many factors. Some of the key factors that affect charter bus pricing include seasonality, total distance of your charter, and type of equipment required. We strive to maintain a balance between high quality customer service, and equipment while proving the most competitive bus charter pricing available.  

Below is a simple charter with basic information about each charter bus type along with an average charter bus pricing for each bus type. 

If you have specific bus charter pricing questions,please do not hesistate to contact us at (866)428-7226 or E-mail Us

Charter Bus Pricing Chart

(Click on the bus images for more information about each type)
It is important to note that the pricing is not exact and is made available to give you an idea of typical bus prices. 
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Max Seating Capacity
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Average Cost


Schoolbus 44 adults / 66 Children not available not available $350 - $575
(half day)

$500 - $800
(full day 10-12 Hrs)


Trolley 28 not available not available $500 - $1000
(half day)

$1000 - $2000
(full day 10-12 Hrs)


The Mini Bus and Deluxe Motorcoach are two of our most common charter bus types.

The mini coach is great for small groups doing local work and even shuttles while the deluxe motorcoach is great for all types of needs.

Mini Bus 16 - 36 not available Rarely $450 - $675
(half day)

$600 - $975
(full day 10-12 Hrs)
Deluxe Motor Coach 40 - 57 available available $595 - $850
(half day)

$875 - $1295
(full day 10-12 Hrs)


Our Luxury buses are great options when you are looking to make a splash.Special Occasions such as weddings, bachelor & Bachelorette parties, customer visits are great fits for these types.

Party Bus 12-32 not available Rarely $175/hr
(4 hour min.)
Executive Coach 28 available available $1000 - $2500
Entertainer Sleeper 12 available available $1000 - $3000
*This pricing is to give a range of typical costs. Pricing for your charter may vary.
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