Travel to Boston Harborfest 2011

Boston Harborfest

Okay, guessing game time. We’re betting that your 4th of July celebrations, have, at some point, included fireworks, grilled food, and excessive displays of red, white, and blue clothing.

Alright, that wasn’t too hard of a guess! But how about this one… We’re betting that you may not have included sailing, chowder-eating, and historic reenactments in your past Independence Day festivities.

Not unless you’ve been to Boston’s Harborfest of course. And if you haven’t celebrated the 4th of July at Harborfest then you’re definitely missing out! Here’s why Boston’s Harborfest is the best choice for your family reunion or summer getaway:

  • Harborfest is a 6 day bash that culminates in a fantastic fireworks display on the 4th of July.
  • Events include walking tours, reenactments, lectures, concerts, and tours of the Boston Harbor islands. Many of the events offer free admission.
  • Chowderfest is an annual tradition at Harborfest and takes place on July 3rd. Numerous restaurants create various types of chowder for public consumption and compete for top prize.
  • Sailboats race at Fan Pier in the days leading up to July 4th. This will be the only North American stop for 11 multi-hull sailboats on an international tour.
  • June 30th has been set aside for Children’s Day. Juggling, dancing, music, balloons, and kid-friendly educational activities are all free of charge.
  • On July 2nd a daylong reenactment will depict British regiments in action. The reenactment will include marching, tactical demonstrations, medical procedures, and, of course, skirmishes.

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