The BusBank Team’s Top Picks for Dining in Chicago

The team, here at The BusBank really enjoys eating and interest in what you had for dinner last night or what you will be having for lunch is a consistent conversation around the office.
Our charter bus service is headquartered in Chicago, so we wanted to share some of our favorite restaurants in the city.

This list started from a small e-mail asking people about favorite restaurant in Chicago and we got a large amount of responses as everyone had a plethora of favorite Chicago restaurants to share. Today, we will be going thru the Italian Restaurants and Steakhouses from the list.

Our Favorite Chicago Italian Restaurants

Via Carducci –  Via Carducci is a Southern Style Italian Restaurant that now has two locations with one in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood and the second in  Wicker Park. Our Staff member’s favorite menu item is the Bucatini All’ Amatriciana.  The restaurant offers a value priced Italian and even hascarry out if you are not looking to eat at home.

Italian Village – Italian Village is Chicago’s Oldest Italian Restaurant and is located in Chicago’s Loop Neighborhood.  It has received numerous awards over the years and is actually three restaurants with a different focus under one roof. The Village is focused on traditional Italian, La Cantina is Steak & Seafood focused, while Vivere has a “new” Italian focus.

Sabatinos – Sabatinos is located on Chicago’s Old Irving

Neighborhood is a number of our staff member’s favorite. It’s older décor
remind you of old school Chicago while the service and food are top notch. Do
not hesitate to check it out.

Staff Favorite Steakhouses

Gene & Georgetti – Gene and Georgetti is an Italian Steakhouse located in Chicago’s River North area. The restaurant was founded in 1941 and has been filling the house ever since. Listing past legends such as Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Lucille Ball as well as current Celebs such as Russell Crowe and Vince Vaughn it remains a place to eat if you are in Chicago.

Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush – Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush is an Italian Steakhouse located not far from Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Phil Stefani has been in the Chicago Restaurant scene for some time and this restaurant is another win in the group.

Tango Sur – An Argentian Steakhouse located in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is known for its BYOB (Bring your Own Bottle) and amazing steaks.  If you have never had Chimichurri on a steak,you are missing out and should visit Tango Sur. The romantic room and great value make Tango Sur, a place to check out.

Keefers – Keefers Restaurant is another River North Steakhouse we love. It has one many acclaims including being listed by the Michelin Guide as one of the Top Steakhouses in the US. Check it out on your next trip to Chicago as it will not disappoint.

These are just some of the restaurants that we enjoy in Chicago. We look forward to sharing more of our staff picks for places to eat, see, and doacross the country. Our Staff loves travel and we look forward to not only being your Chicago Charter bus and travel experts but also a go-to travel resource.

Image Credit: Jeff Gunn