Chicago Pizza Rocks


Jon Stewart may not be impressed with Chicago style Pizza (specifically Deep Dish Pizza) but our Chicago office  didn’t quite agree with Jon Stewart’s rant about the great windy city.  We are constantly travelling across the country, working on events and quite often, we like to stop and eat some of America’s favorite dish pizza.


This is what our team had to say about  the best Pie in Chicago and where to get it:

Andrew Ripani – Director of Sales and Site Operations, ranked his favorite pizza places in Chicago.

1.      Lou Malnati’s Pizza

Lou Malnati's

2.      Pequod’s Pizza

3.      Salerno’s Pizza

4.      Pizano’s Pizza

Dinner at Pizano's Pizza and Pasta

5.      Dagastino’s Pizza

6.      Art of Pizza

7.      Pete’s Pizza

8.      Rosati’s Pizza 

Lee Ripani, Supplier Buyer,  and Dan Scalf, Senior Account Executive both mentioned Pizanos Pizza. “Great butter crust with fantastic pinched not crumbled sausage. Sauce is sweet with chunky tomatoes, none of this marinara on my pizzas.”

Our Biz Dev, Tony Glibkowski, listed  John’s Pizza on Western Avenue in Logan Square, as his favorite pizza place. “Chicago Pizza doesn’t have to be deep dish, but thin  crust must be cut into squares.” Tony said “The best pizza doesn’t come from big chains, but from restaurants with the owner’s name, like Johns, Sonnys, Petes, Salarenos, Vito’s etc.”

Ron Ticer,  the Supplier Buyer, gave two entries for his favorite spots for a pizza, with a couple Chicago suburban spots. Durbin’s  with its fresh ingredients and half priced deals every Monday. His second spot was Palermo’s in Oak Lawn for its fantastic sauce, “A little on sweet side but very good.”

We love Pizza and hope that you check out some of these options, proving Jon Stewart wrong.

Chicago Pizza really does Rock.