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Top Tips for Renting a Bus for a Wedding

You’re there, your family is there, his family is there… but where is the groom? As if there wasn’t already enough chaos this morning with bridesmaids showing up late and the best man getting lost in a city he’s never driven in, now your future husband is nowhere in sight. You know he doesn’t have […]

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Tips to Remember When Planning Your Music Festival Bus Trip

Music festivals are a highlight of the hot summer months and serve as the perfect destination to build lifelong bonds with your closest friends—while also making new festie besties. When it comes to planning a festival trip overnight or out of state, at least one person in your group should take up the responsibilities of […]

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Travel Expenses for Business Travelers and What is Tax Deductible

Catering to the guidelines of which travel expenses are tax deductible is one of the most important business expense deductions for small businesses and business travelers. However, many of these rules must to be followed carefully. And with tax season underway, we provided a simple list of which travel expenses you can write off. We […]

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Ultra Music Festival Shuttle Bus Tickets!

  Are you heading to Ultra Music Festival March 18-20 and in need of reliable and affordable transportation to and from Bayfront Park? If so, look no further and let The BusBank help by providing you with convenient, safe, reliable and most importantly affordable shuttle bus transportation. Last year was our first year running this […]

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Average Wedding Costs Just Got Lower With The Help Of BusBank!

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