Travel Chatter: This Week in Travel 2

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Happy Friday all. The week after a holiday is always a tough one, but we made it! And we haven’t forgotten about your weekly diet of travel consumption. Here are some of the coolest articles from around the web related to travel.

Hanging By a Thread- Zipline Tours.

-Zip line tours are a new craze in adventure traveling. Zip line parks are sprinkled across North America in New Hampshire, Florida, California, and Alaska. Beautiful scenery and heart pumping thrill.

America Runs on Doughnuts

-Where to find the most delicious doughnuts in the country.

Faith Based Travel: Seeing U.S. Religious Sites

-Some of the most beautiful and historic religious structures in the U.S. representing their respective faiths.

Branson Takes Kids on Space Flight

– Indeed, all aboard the Virgin Galactic Space Flight, you too kids. Billionaire, Richard Branson takes his kids on the first launch of Virgin Galactic.

The Cheapest Cities Worth Visiting

– You haven’t missed your opportunity for affordable summer travel. Here is a list of cheap U.S. Metropolitans.